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Project Completed

Application date:
January 2024
Village name:
Burkina Faso (BF)
Project type:
deep well with hand pump
Nr of people:
242 students + 6 teachers
Nearest deep well:
0,6 mile each way
GPS coordinates:
12.301439, -2.194456

Summary of the Application

Nadjilou Elementary School is located in a village named Villy located in the central part of Burkina Faso. The school has 242 students and 6 teachers. There is no access to water in the school, or in the immediate area. Students get it from a dug well, but the water is very dirty and students often get sick after drinking it, which also negatively affects the students' attendance at school. The water from the dug well brought to school is also used to wash the blackboards, benches or the floor. Students and teachers suffer greatly from the lack of access to water in their school. Helping to build a deep well with clean drinking water will undoubtedly have a positive impact on academic performance.

It's really difficult for us to get water here. Children draw it from a dug well located half a mile from the school. Unfortunately, many of them complain of stomach upsets after drinking that water. Drawing water from there is also not easy, because these types of wells often collapse.

Yamweogo Roseline, director of Nadjilou Elementary School

Contributing Companies

Andea and Manufacturo partner to build deep well for elementary school in Burkina Faso.

Andea Partner Fundacji Sięgnij NIEBA
Manufacturo Partner Fundacji Sięgnij NIEBA

People-centric through deeds, not words

In a fast-paced, technology-reliant world, people are still at the core of every organization and the backbone of every success. We believe that our mission is to embody our values through tangible deeds. As two global yet entirely people-centric companies, we have decided to forge a charitable partnership that aligns with our ideals and dreams of making the world a better place, not only through technology but—first and foremost—helping those in need. Since our humble beginnings, we recognize how fortunate we have been with the opportunities we had. We made a conscious choice and a promise to live deliberately and never forget that the things we take for granted might be out of reach for others. We feel honored and excited to join forces and bring clean, safe water and sanitation to the students and teachers in Burkina Faso.

Since I grew up, I've felt the need to help people and wanted to make a positive impact. I couldn’t just sit back, and watch others struggle in situations they didn't choose to be in or face challenges that have been forced upon them. One of the elementary things we all deserve as people is to lead lives filled with dignity in a positive and safe environment with access to fundamental human rights.
In 2020, after Andea had won two major deals in a row, my wife and I fulfilled our dream to build a water well in Africa. The 70-meter-deep water well now provides fresh water to 800 Gogo villagers in Burkina Faso. We take water access for granted, forgetting that it is still a luxury for some, even in the XXI century. So, we will continue building water wells in Africa and supporting similar charitable projects.

Łukasz Górka, Andea CEO

Getting involved in building wells in Burkina Faso holds personal resonance for me. Access to clean water is one of the basic needs that many of us do not have to worry about. I feel thankful for the good life I've got, and it just makes sense to share those blessings and support projects that bring something as essential as clean water to those who need it.

Tadeusz Dyduch, Manufacturo CEO

Our Work

We just started the drill work on January 24. And this borehole will go down to the history. This well not only gives Nadjilou students access to clean drinking water, but also improves their health and academic performance.

Something amazing! We drilled through the granite to a depth of over 160 feet and reached a water capacity of 4,750 gallons of water per hour! It almost 1 gallon per second! This is a real vein of gold. With this kind of efficiency, an Olympic-sized swimming pool could be filled in 5 days. You must see this!

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